[Update] VTU Result Script Improved

VTU Result Script

Usually, at VTUS.in, we do not prefer to announce site development related news as it is more of an internal affair. However, after a lot of brainstorming, we have decided to release a much awaited script update on our own website. Our VTU Results script has now been updated to improve the user experience as well as to help the VTU students to get the result in the fastest manner. Our internal algorithm now gets the result from the multiple resources and save on our own server in a most efficient manner. The process is so smooth that users will not be even feel the speed difference. Our algorithm first fetches the result from our own server and if the result is not stored on our server, then it will fetch the result from VTU’s own server. The result in much faster response without depending on VTU’s server everytime.


Check the VTU Result Script

Both the regular and revaluation results have been integrated in the single script so you do not have to check them from different resources. We also host all the result on our own server which makes it extremely easy for the people to get the result in the quickest manner.

Only the first instance of result takes the time. Once, we fetch the result from VTU server, our works become simpler. A friendly print option has been integrated so you can print your result without leaving the website. Even, Ajax based reload button is provided in case if the script fails to fetch the result due some reason.

Overall, the script performance has increased by 200% which makes it damn easy for VTU students to get the result. It is faster than most of the VTU result service provider.


It shouldn’t be considered as a drawback but we feel that we should mention that to our readers anyway. We at VTUS.in believes in complete transparency. Since our algorithm depends on VTU’s own server, the result will not be displayed if it is not available on the VTU server. Moreover, the site will take more time in fetching the result if the VTU server is down. However, we have put  a timeout option so the users can stop the process and reload it once the VTU server is back online.

Trick to Get Quick VTU Result

Want to get your result without going to the page and entering your number? Just follow the below steps


Replace the field after rid=1RG06IS045 with your USN number. Your final URL should be https://vtus.in/result/result.php?rid=YOURUSN. Adding &sem=semno will provide you the result of a particular semester.


The above link will display the result of 7th semester of USN 1RG06IS050.

What’s next?

Our next goal is to provide the VTU result of an entire class. Besides that our main aim would be to improve the script to make it blazing fast. It should be able to fetch the result as quickly as possible from other servers. We will also make sure that we gather as many results as possible so that we do not have to depend on someone else server. However, this is a daunting task and will take some time.

Your suggestions

We are open to all kind of suggestions. In case, if you are interested in helping us to make a better website, then let us know. You can suggest your features too. We’re also looking for the people who can provide us a soft copy of different notes. In case, if you have a good contacts then let us know. We might be interested in joining hands with you.

It is our request that you check your previous semester results from our server as soon as possible. If it is available on VTU’s server it will be made on our server forever. VTU cleans up the server and often you may not be able to check your previous semester results after few years. Perhaps, this is where we come into play.

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