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VTU is one of the biggest university of south India. Would you like to get VTU results on the go? Well, you have come to the right place. Our servers are more reliable and faster compared to VTU’s own server. Moreover, there is no downtime or bandwidth issue with us.  Just enter the USN number and enjoy your VTU results online in a simple and intuitive way and you may also get the old VTU results on our website. Visvesvaraya Technological University is rich in history. It has rich academic excellence and leadership.It strongly perform Vision, Mission and Mandate.It is one of the largest university. VTU making steady progress in developing and providing best technical environment for education.

Why us?

1) VTUs. in is a website dedicated to VTU students by a VTU student.

2) The results are securely hosted on our servers and you can fetch them at any time.

3) Only for the first time the results are fetched from VTU servers and then it is hosted on our server. It means that your result is available 365 days a year.

4) Easy to follow Refresh and Print option on the page so you can print out your result from the page itself.

Supported Streams

We support all the streams or courses under VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University) Karnataka.

  • B.E/ B.Tech
  • M.Tech
  • B.Arch
  • MBA
  • MCA
  • and remaining branches

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vtu results

VTU Results

Our aim is to provide latest VTU results to the students so that they can get the information from here. The aim of the VTUS is to fetch the result from the different servers and provide it from our reliable servers so VTU students do not have wait for a long time. We do it smoothly and even save VTU results of previous semesters on our server. As most of you know that during the result time due to heavy traffic official website server goes on a vacation. They are either unresponsive or goes down. It’s not new for the students to wait for long hours to get the results on their hand. We just want to resolve the issue. Moreover, the old mark-sheets are also available and which you can download in PDF version from here which you can get printed directly for various purposes.So it becomes easy for you to access the results of all the semester through single website.

In many cases, you would not be able to get previous VTU results as they are not stored on our server. In case if you have already checked our website last year, then you would be surprised to know that your results are saved on our own servers. In such scenario you can easily download and get your result from our website. Our plan is to launch a dedicated VTU results Android app to make it possible for you to download and print your mark sheet from mobile itself. It will be much easier for you to even share your mark sheet or your friend’s mark sheet with friends and family members. Therefore, students are encouraged to use our website for seamless experience. VTUS.in is made by an ex-student of VTU university for the present students of VTU knowing the bitter facts about the present VTU server scenarios.

If you have any suggestion or complaint regarding the website, then shoot an email via the contact form. Currently, the website is in a beta mode and we expect some glitches, but that doesn’t mean we’re not striving to make it better. The website is regularly updated and debugged so that you do not face any issues in future. We will publish more information on VTU results like Fast VTU VTUs (VTU Students blog) will try its best to serve you VTU results in the most efficient way.

154 thoughts on “VTU Results Online- Know your VTU 2016/2017 Result Online

    1. When will be 1year b.tch result publishng….?our class is strting on cming mndy upto this time result is nt published when u publish result….?

  1. my son sparsh gautam student in your instetute are reguler stadey in sheet no. 1sj09cv091 his admit year 2009 I need his 1st semesterto 5 semester regalet so send Quckley Thenkes

  2. when will be announced b e 2nd sem result because holiday is over 3rd sem college will start soon

  3. Please dont postpone the 2nd sem results dear vtu announcers….. we students are better than you…. v write our exams on the day it has to be written but u ppl nvr announce results on the day it has to be announced……. plz respectives announce our results soon v r egarely waiting for it……….. and plz plz plz again

  4. please announce the results as soon as possible , with satisfying results to all of us…….. please ……..

    6th sem

  5. Summ summne results announce maadidivi antharappa mannu yav results uu thorstha ella………. vtu plz grow up

  6. Hi,
    If any authorized person read comments I have a suggestion for you. Either you increase your servers or provide a facility such as “Send results of each student through email registered usind some good technicians”.
    This is high time we grow up because this will surly reduce yours and students’ tensions

  7. in news paper it is said that 2day dey vl announce the result but all servers r nt at al responding………… y is it??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hey frnzzzz results r announced………………………………………………………………

  9. when is vtu 4th sem be results for bangalore region plz……………………………………………anyone say the date of announcement

  10. I’m a M.tech final yr student waiting for my viva. I have submitted my thesis on june 10th.. when will my viva be scheduled? Any tentative dates pl?? I ccan’t join the company without dinishing the viva and my date of joining is oct 5th . Will my viva get over by then?..

  11. Vtu mba 4th sem results announced for all regions….but for Oxford college results are not getting….it is telling that results are not yet avaliable for this usn number…..All other colleges got results…only oxford not got….Please tell me the solution …Every one are scared

  12. I’m a m.tech final year student. I submitted my thesis in June but still my viva is not conducted. please reply when is my viva will be scheduled.

  13. When is 3rd and 4th semester Revaluation Result will be announced.. All are waiting for the results.. Please reply and announce the results as soon as

  14. How to get old marks sheet of BE 8th semester. I had backlog n got it cleared bt in website m getting the passed marks sheet, m nt getting first attempt marks sheet.. plz help me…

  15. When is the mba 2nd sem results will be announce??? pls anybody knws inform to me

  16. When will be announce vtu BE 4th sem results for 2015 June/July examinations

  17. When is mtech 2nd sem result,its been one and half months after our exams,why vtu is neglecting mtech results ,pls announce the exact date in the website ,pls do rply

  18. How i get In VTU,old marks sheets of MBA in 2012 Bach,I had backlogs than i cleared in 2015 but , in web site showing only passed marks sheets, i’m can’t get my first attemp marks sheet plz… help me it’s most required to me plz help me dear concern

  19. hello sir , plz i want my 1st sem and 2nd sem result my usn is 1ox14mca67 ,plz sir can u send me my result in my mail


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