VTU Movie- Collection of Songs and Videos

Visvesvaraya Technological University or VTU is also known as V Torture U among the students. Whether officials like it or not, but students of the university have come up with a new concept and name for VTU and their respective colleges. Surprisingly, there are a few videos and songs available on the situation in VTU colleges. Having been in the situation, these videos remind me of my college days.

Take them with the grain of salt. The videos provided are just for an entertainment. It is not intended to make fun of colleges or any officials. Although, universities and colleges try their level best to provide better facilities, students always feel that the other universities are way better than theirs. It also shows how creative the VTU students are. As an ex VTU student, I am proud to be the part of the phenomena.

Vinay AV has posted some interesting VTU movies and songs that you must watch.

Note: Most of them are in local language (Kannadiga).

Here is an awesome song from the VTU movie. It is a heart touching song.

What’s your though on VTU? Does it deserve V Torture U tag?

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