How/ Where to Check VTU Result Online

In the past, as a VTU student, I have faced a lot of problems while getting the result from the official VTU website. Firstly, the server is damn slow and is unable to handle the traffic during the results time. Secondly, there is no proper option available to download or print the VTU result directly from the website. The worst problem is that there is no way to get previous year or semester VTU exam results. Of course, there are few websites available which solves the problem in one way or another. But some of the problem still exists. Considering all the odds, we have (group of ex students) decided to provide a portal to resolve the issue. Basically, it answers two of your questions

  1. How to check VTU result online? And most importantly
  2. Where to check VTU result online?

How to Check VTU results then?

To give VTU students some respite, we are developing a technology that provides a smart solution of the above problem. We’re not only fetching the result from the official VTU website but from other resources as well to make it possible for VTU students to download result at their comfort. Our portal will end all your problems. Wanna take a sneak peak?

check vtu results


What’s in it?

The website works in a totally different manner. Following are the features of our VTU result page

  • Dynamically fetches the result from multiple resources
  • Dynamically displays the result from
  • Easy to refresh option
  • Ajax powered loading
  • Timeout and refresh option when the VTU or other servers are down
  • Export result in PDF format
  • Print the result from the page itself
  • Results are available 365 days a year
  • Result is hosted on our server

As you can see, we’ve already packed in some of the most useful features in it.  Having said that, the result page is still in its early beta phase and we’re in constant development phase to make it better. You can expect it to get improved as time passes by.

What’s next?

We would love to know your opinion. This website is made for VTU students by a VTU student. With increasing demand in user’s need, we might not be able to know what is required to make the features and website more user friendly. We urge our readers to provide suggestions to improve the website so we can serve you better.

Use a contact form or email your features to [email protected] and we will try to integrate the feature if technology and resource permits. Rest assured that you’ll get what you need.

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  1. dear friend…please tell me as soon as possible …if there is any way to check old semester results…for year 2012 june/july…pls reply soon on my email…


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