How to Save 60% on VTU Textbooks

Oftentimes, VTU students end up paying a hell lot of money in a textbook purchase. Higher semester books usually cost dearly and the price could go well above Rs.500 INR. Perhaps, this is the reason why many of the students prefer to lend a book from library. Besides that, there is a huge market for buy back books. Many of the shopkeeper takes back book by repaying 40-50% MRP price. Definitely, this is a good option. How about a similar offer with a 60% rebate on VTU books?

Rentmytext 60% Buy Back Option owner has started a good project that gives you an option to return the book and get up to 60% money back. Simply buy a book from them at a market price and get up to 60% money back when you return a book to them after the end of the semester. However, there is a caveat to this. Unlike, most of the shopkeeper who offers 20% off on MRP, rentmytext do not offer any discount. However, when you consider a long term benefit, you will realize that you are ending up getting some more money by reselling the ebook compared to other local shops. Be a part of this change and save the TREE. You can buy, rent and resell books to them which helps in saving tree. Instead of taking a xerox or another route, I advise you to rent VTU books and save 60% money.

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See the chart

rent vtu books

Moreover, there is an option to order the book online and get home delivery. They do charge extra for home delivery but that shouldn’t be an issue if you are staying far away in Karnataka.

Additional Advantages

  • No membership or subscription required
  • Home Delivery (paid)
  • Free Question Bank
  • 60% rebate
  • Free Book dock worth Rs.500
  • Plastic protective sheet
  • New/used books in excellent condition is well known for the quality of book they provide. Even, they deliver the books via courier in an excellent condition. However, you should make sure that they do not accept books with ink mark or in bad condition. You should be more responsible and do not damage the book you buy from them otherwise you end up loosing the money.


Eagerly waiting to buy your book from rentmytext. Just email your query or required book authors and title to [email protected] and they will revert back to you within 24 hours.

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