5 Effective Ways to Stay Organized While You’re Taking Online Classes

Getting your degree online has become the new normal because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But with everyone getting vaccinated, schools and colleges may soon open for all. Yet a lot of us are still taking online classes especially international students who are stuck in their countries. Managing time, having group meetings for assignments on zoom, doing homework and studying for exams while staying home with minimal human interaction isn’t exactly easy.

At the same time, remote learning has its benefits (homemade food is one!). do you have trouble meeting deadlines? Do you forget which classes are to be held every day and which submissions are to be done this week? Being organized can help you manage your time more effectively so that you won’t miss any deadlines or have mental breakdowns before giving a presentation.

To make it easier for you, whether you are in school or college, here are some ways that will help you stay more organized while you are stuck taking online classes.

A Clean Workspace

This may seem like a common idea but it is essential and it can truly help. The idea of a clean workspace varies from person to person so if you having your notes stacked haphazardly is easier for you, then so be it. No need to stack them properly. Organize your workspace according to your needs.

But having a designated workspace can be of great help as your brain will automatically associate the workspace with learning. So, avoid sitting on your bed for your classes. Use a table and a chair instead.

Use a Schedule Maker

No! Using a schedule maker doesn’t make you a kid. Creating a weekly or monthly schedule can help you keep up with all your reports, assignments and projects. No more missing deadlines! Instead of writing your schedule in a diary, note down your schedule of classes in an online schedule maker. This way, you will be able to access it whenever and wherever with a few taps on your phone.

Stan Your Plan

Make a plan and stan it the way you stan your favourite actor. If feasible, take courses that are easier to do online instead of courses that require practical knowledge. Have a daily schedule where you take off at least 30-45 minutes just for yourself (No! Showering doesn’t count!). Go for a walk or listen to songs or paint – anything that helps you relax. Stick to your plan!

Communicate With Your Teachers/Professors

The majority of students feel awkward communicating with their teacher or professors because of the online classes. Many of you haven’t ever even met your teachers and that can indeed be difficult. But if you are engaged during your classes and ask questions, your professor will remember you and it will become easier to communicate with them.

So, no matter how small your query is, talk to them. Clear out your doubts and take help whenever you need it. If you feel too stressed, talk to them. Even they know how difficult it can be to gain knowledge online without actual interactions.

Minimize Your Screen Time

As online learning requires you to stay in front of your screen for long hours daily, it can be exhausting to your eyes as well as your brain. So, during weekends avoid using your screen. Even during weekdays, don’t stay on your phone for hours till late at night scrolling through Instagram reels. Your eyes need periodic breaks so, minimize your screen time.


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